Artist and Curator of Contemporary Art

Artist’s Statement

In my artistic practice, I turn to the interdisciplinary field at the intersection of contemporary art and philosophy, and explore the possibilities of synthesizing artistic intuition and a rigorous academic approach.

The history of philosophical thought, as an experience that encompasses various ways of thinking about everything, is for me an inspiration and a prism that gives a rich refraction of creative thought. I turn philosophical optics into a method that allows me to conduct an internal dialogue with a thinking consciousness that lived in a different time, but that was devoted to the question sought after by me. My method explores the ability of an artwork to enter into a full-fledged dialogue with the ideas of philosophers in such a way that this dialogue is consistent, clear and attentive to all involved in the artistic process.

As core values I take the utmost respect for the work of philosophers and other thinkers to whom my projects appeal, and respect for the attention of the viewer who encounters my work. The result of this assumption is careful work with explicative material: on the one hand, it should be understandable and able to convey artistic and philosophical ideas in simple language for everyone, and on the other hand, it should correspond to academic ethics in referring to someone else’s thought in the form of a text. Explications for my works are created by me as an integral and full-fledged element of each artistic project, which has a value in itself.

The mediums in which my ideas are embodied are tools selected in accordance with the nature of the conceptual pursuit. The process of creating works, its specificity and the resulting experience often act as the core of an artwork. Thus, my projects are often presented as an artifact resulting from a newly invented performative practice.